Success: Seven Steps to Achieving More

There’s lots of guides around that are informing you that there is this marvellous “secret” to success. There isn’t. This “secret” they are making reference to is only a sham to get you intrigued enough to purchase their product or service. Success is not a secret… it’s actually quite easy really.

I figure there are 7 distinct factors to finding success in your own life. They are:

1. Have Faith & Maintain Positivity

The most crucial thing you can do in your search for success, is develop a optimistic mental attitude and have faith that you will get to where you want to go. More often than not, people can’t imagine an event or scenario turning out the way they want it to. They just see an unfavorable end-result. You can’t think along these lines. Not if you want to become successful. At times, even when it feels like a situation can’t come out good, you have to find ways in which it can. That’s faith. That’s working with a good attitude. Use your imagination when you have to!

Some youngsters are discouraged from a early age caused by inadequate direction. Once others grow older, they are introduced to this world that lets us know that we are unable to accomplish this, or we’re not suitable for that and, in return, our ability to be artistic and expect to have good things vanishes. However it can be brought back! All you’ve got to do is have strong faith and use your imagination!

2. Be Enthusiastic

Previously, I have found it does not matter what occupation I’ve had, I have always been able to find something I didn’t like about it. A part of that problem was my lack of enthusiasm for the work I did. Luckily, I’ve found the strength of enthusiastic habits.

You must be enthusiastic if you wish to find success. People with enthusiasm are always prepared to give more and work harder. But why? Well, it is very simple… they do not focus on those minor negative issues that the majority of people see in their careers.

Those negatives are super easy to find should you look for them and they can easily consume you to the point of failure, if you focus enough on them. Similarly, enthusiastic people see the positive things and therefore are pleased to be so lucky to perform such rewarding work. This is exactly opposite of finding the negatives in a job. Any time you find the good and concentrate on it, good things will happen. It is the law of the Universe. What you look for, and everything you make it a staple to target, you can expect to receive.

3. Have Courage To Take Chances

When you see what you have been longing for, get it! When an innovative idea comes to you, explore it! That is how you get your imagination back. You must take chances.

Most people do not even recognize that they have an imagination or creative ability, because when those creative thoughts or ingenious ideas pop in their head, they scold themselves because of it. “They are certainly not realistic,” they may say. However, those are the most authentic ideas you can possibly have and by not exploring them, you neglect your golden opportunity.

4. Go Above & Beyond

You have got to think big. You have to dream big. You have got to do more and be more.

Go the extra mile. Rise a little higher. Work just a little harder. Laugh a little louder. Don’t just put in an effort. Give it everything you have.

5. Work To Serve Others

This doesn’t mean go out and wait hand and foot on someone. It indicates, that anything you do, take action with the intention of assisting others. You may invent a thing that elevates the lives of others. You could start an enterprise that gives a very good service at an inexpensive price. Whatever you decide to do, do not work for cash. Work to elevate the lives of those who are around you.

Whether you’re a farmer, a business person, a school teacher, a coach, a politician, a truck driver, a lumberjack, or whatever you are, when you look to serve others in your work, you will find more success. Quite simply, do not work for your income. Work to make a difference.

6. Be Persistent

In order to find success, you have to do something that a lot of people never do. You have to persist until the end. No giving up, no backing down. You’re in it to win it, or you’re not in it at all. This is the mental attitude you have to take with you.

Sure, you are going to get knocked down and yes, obstructions are going to block your path. Individuals will also tell you that your path is unachievable. That is fine… because you’re going to get back up, you’re going to ignore what they say and you’re going to scale that mountain anyways. That’s how you persevere, and that’s how you find success.

7. Be Grateful

There is not a creature on this world who has best control over their life. Our life is our gift and we must be grateful that we have it. So, give thanks for every good thing in your life. Your family, your home, your job, your friends… give thanks to God for them. If you can’t help but find negatives, thank God for the lessons they have provided you with and thank God for the ability to overcome them.

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